PREGNANT| The First Experiences or Non-Experiences

being pregnant scan and bib

So being pregnant was not at all what I expected. I was waiting for morning sickness but it never came. I thought the GP would be the real confirmation but they weren’t.

Here’s my story of my first pregnancy and the first trimester.

Sticks of Destiny

So the weirdest thing about being pregnant in the first instance is…the fact that it’s a little stick that tells you!

Apparently the sticks really are the experts when it comes to being pregnant.

The fact that I took about 7 tests over a period of a week really isn’t the point here…no medical professional wanted to tell me I was pregnant!

We had our first appointment with the midwife around about 8 weeks along. She was lovely and friendly, making us both feel very at ease which was reassuring. We sat in the GP surgery for an hour filling in forms going through our “welcome to parenthood” pack. It’s not officially called that but it has a load of exciting and terrifying documents and information and we’ve figured that’s how it is from now on…exciting and terrifying! I had to do the usual tests in pots and had blood taken from me – only the second time in my life so that was slightly uncomfortable!

To be honest we were waiting for a “…here’s the result of your test…CONGRATULATIONS!!! You’re officially having a baby!”

Instead we left with a “…so you’re scan is in December and I’ll see you in January”.

It all felt very surreal and still unlikely that it was really happening.

Pregnant Symptoms, or the lack of!

Now I am certainly not complaining, but I have had no morning sickness! None whatsoever! No mid-afternoon or evening sickness either. A slight bit of nausea is all that I’ve experienced. I’m sorry, that might seem like I’m bragging but I had almost assumed morning sickness was a given, even with reassurances from my mum that she didn’t experience it either but I just didn’t ‘feel’ pregnant.

being pregnant enjoying the forest

Enjoying some time together before sharing our news with the big wide world!

I consider myself lucky that I have not had to go through morning sickness or sickness of any kind but what I have experienced instead is nose bleeds…lots of them! Only little ones but who knew this was a side effect of being pregnant!? The midwife told me this is due to the increase in blood flow. I certainly didn’t know this beforehand and it certainly did not make me ‘feel’ pregnant, just quite anxious about when the next one would happen…would it be while I was eating, in the shower or during work!? Turns out it would be all of these lovely moments and many more!Thankfully my nose seems to have gained control of itself now and I feel much more at ease.

However, I was still not feeling an overwhelming sense of pregnancy despite being over 10 weeks pregnant.

Clearly I would just have to wait to have the privilege of feeling pregnant further on down the line.

Sometime soon after all the nose bleeds we had the ‘official’ confirmation that we had been seeking and baby Merin really does exist!

Though we had to wait, the first real confirmation of pregnancy happened at our 12 week dating scan! Almost three months after ClearBlue had told me at least 7 times over.

The Scan

The sonographer told us to be prepared as there is always a risk that there could be some things to discuss. We braced ourselves as she looked at her monitor before showing us. I was squeezing Mike’s hand so hard. It was one of the most nerve wracking moments of my life.

Then our sonographer said “It’s always good to start with one”.

The official announcement of our first child. Fully confirmed. Real.

It was absolutely phenomenal to see our little baby up on the big screen.

There it was.

Our amazing little baby just there for us to see.

Getting Some Extra Time

There it was wriggling away like no one’s business! Not that I could feel it which is a weird concept in itself.

Despite feeling like I was potentially going to lose control of my bladder at any moment as I’d drunk far too much water before the appointment, I was over the moon! They recommend a litre but I went over for good measure… even brought extra just in case, and our poor little noodle couldn’t sit still! To this end our ultrasound expert aptly named ‘Nightingale’ tried to bounce our baby in to position.

This was not a gentle bounce as you might expect but a vigorous, digging, bashing of my stomach. Mike’s face looked horrified! My hip bone felt a little bruised!

I couldn’t help but laugh as it felt bizarre and seeing our poor little baby bouncing around on screen was not what I had imagined we’d experience the first time we had the confirmation.

being pregnant teddy and scan pic


We were then asked to leave with instructions for me to go to the loo and we’d try again shortly. Yet again my preparation had failed me as our baby was effectively unable to sit still on the water bed that was my bladder.

Five more couples came and went and then we were invited back in.

To be honest, I quite liked that I’d got it wrong as it meant we got to spend a little more time watching this ‘New’ little life inside me and seeing just what we had created.

Just magic.

Apart from that life was continuing as per normal…funny that!


For more information about the ultrasound scans through pregnancy click here!

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  1. November 25, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    It is so weird in the beginning isn’t it? When you see that stick and everyone just assumes that it is telling the truth! I always went to my first scan convinced that I’d made the whole thing up! It is so magical though. I have been very lucky with both my pregnancies – just a touch of nausea but nothing too bad. I love being pregnant and I love having babies!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  2. November 21, 2017 / 1:06 pm

    It’s such a magical experience, I was so ill during both my girls’ pregnancies but I still loved all that I got to do like the scans 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

    • admin
      November 22, 2017 / 10:19 am

      Sorry to hear that you were so unwell Naomi! It is still magical though, seeing them inside you is like no other moment! x

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