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Our little man has now been with us for a while, however this feels like yesterday!

How did you deal with finding out you were pregnant? How did you announce your pregnancy to your family?

Here’s how we let everyone know, or not!

Our Little Secret

So big surprise, I’m not a great secret keeper. That’s not to say I’m the world’s worst and tell everybody but there are a few key people in my life who will always know what I know. The main man in the know being Michael- even though most of the time he is completely uninterested. How on earth was I supposed to keep our pregnancy a secret!?

It’s not that I like to gossip, it’s that I am clumsy with what I say and often let the cat out of the bag unintentionally. So I find secrets easier to keep if they’re confided in Mike and thus the pressure is off! A great example of this was a few Christmases ago when instead of saying to Michael “ I hope you like your presents” like any normal present giving person, I said “ I hope you like your trainers”…on Christmas Eve. Great.

The fact that Michael and I had the biggest news of our life together so far and that we got to keep it just to the two of us for however long we wanted felt amazing (we waited almost a week before telling them about our pregnancy!)! The two of us in this little untouchable bubble was just magical. We were meeting all of our friends and family at some point during this time and had actively decided not to tell them which for us felt pretty sneaky.

Our little pregnancy bubble

Due to this, our shared big secret just felt incredibly special.

If I’m totally honest as well, I didn’t know if I believed it and wanted to wait a little before telling people to have some form of further confirmation.

I was, in fact, incredibly nervous to share our wonderful news.Keeping it hidden during the times we were with our family and friends, whilst we’d decided not to tell them, we were only able to have a stolen moment here and there of Michael asking if I was okay with a smile on his face as well as a knowing glance to one another. This was what our magical little bubble consisted of. Heading to Bath also gave us the time to ready ourselves to share our news with those we love most too.


The day that was most difficult to keep our secret was the day directly after we’d found out. I mentioned in our announcement post that we had plans to go to Oktoberfest with our friends. That morning my sister called, singing “I’ve got the golden ticket” – she had decided to join us and bought the last remaining ticket. Oh dear.

Oktoberfest stein beer glass

Now I love my little sister to pieces and enjoy spending time with her but I knew she would find it weird that I wasn’t drinking – I’d also kidded myself that I could hoodwink our friends more easily than family! We ploughed on nonetheless. As I suspected Faye was ready and when she had her stein and I gave mine to Mike she queried me “Are you not even going to try it?” My dislike of beer was enough to put her off for a little while.

However as the festivities started to ramp up she asked if I wanted wine or a cider to which I replied poorly “I’m driving”. The car could have been left where it was. Even our friends started up then so I made up a quick plan and got myself a “vodka” blackcurrant…it was all that they had that could remotely resemble alcohol and so I had to go with it. Faye even had a drink of it and told me how nice it was.


I won’t lie, I felt proud to dupe my sister in that manner at that time. Particularly that she thought plain blackcurrant was alcoholic, but hey she was having a good time and house vodka is normally pretty non-descript!

Time to tell Dad!

After Oktoberfest and Bath we decided it was time.

We made a plan of who we were going to tell first and how we thought we might tell them.Our first port of call had to be my Dad.

My Dad, who sometimes works away, was in India, as he was when we got engaged. Due to the time difference Dad had been the last of our family to know our engagement news and we thought it fit that he would be the first to know he would be a grandparent. That and the fact that Mike hadn’t asked my Dad’s permission to marry me and decided to propose two days before my Dad was due to arrive home in the UK meant that we had some making up to do! Well Michael did!

We loaded Skype up and as the all too familiar jingle played its tune I wondered if my Dad would pick up (I lived in France for two years and Dad regularly works abroad so Skype has been a good friend to us for years). I’d psyched myself up, I’d planned what I was going to say and then my Dad appeared with a “hello darling” and my mind went blank. We talked and chatted for a while the normal catch up and then I had to go for it! Calm, cool, collected me went with something like “its early days but you might be becoming a grandad”. Smooth.

My Dad’s response was far smoother asking “what’s your sister done now?” with a huge grin on his face. I knew Dad was sharp but I hadn’t expected that quick of a comeback. This was then followed up with “might? Either I am or I’m not going to be a grandfather”. At which point I had to clarify that a) my sister had nothing to do with this news and b) yes we all know I’m not the most eloquent and articulate so yes…it was happening!

It was lovely to tell my Dad and gave us the confidence we needed to go and spread our good news.

Time to tell Mum!

Next port of call was Mum! Well Dad had told us it needed to be quick as he couldn’t possible speak to her without her knowing!

Fortunately we’d already made a plan and Mum only lives round the corner so we got her present and went round.

Mum had been looking after our little pooch so we were full of hellos and wagging tails before we could get to the good stuff. We kept it composed and told her about all the wonderful things we’d done in Bath. Then it was time. My stomach started twisting with excitement. We gave her the present we had so carefully and craftily disguised. The Ladybird book of Grandparents covered with two postcards from the Roman Baths (the spine still visible though).

Mum spent (and I by no means exaggerate here…well maybe a little) about 5 minutes! Looking at this “lovely” book we’d bought her from Bath…

She then opened it. She read some of the pages. Still nothing.

Grandparent book post cards Bath


Then she turned to the title page and honestly I have never seen a reaction like it. To say there was some flapping would be an understatement. She leapt up. The hands were flapping. The legs were flapping. She sat down. There were tears. She leapt back up. There were hugs.

It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life.

After Mum had finally calmed down she ran off to Skype Dad and we all had a little conversation about our lovely news.

Read-my- lips

Once we’d finished chatting we headed home to await the arrival of Mike’s Mum who we’d planned to tell using the viral headphone, read-my-lips game.

We’d planned it meticulously. Mike had written down what he was going to say. The volume on the headphones had been tested. We were ready.

Mike’s Mum arrived and we made her the usual coffee. We sat down in the living room instead of the kitchen which was unusual and clearly our first mistake. Mike gave Paula the headphones under the guise of “we saw this and it looks fun”. Again Paula picked up on the cues. We started the music and Michael started reading “you’re going to be a grandmother”. Well that was it. We thought we were going to get at least a couple of goes or a “what” but we were wrong. Paula leapt up and said “No, I knew something was strange!” then the tears came and there was a lot of hugging.

It was again, another fabulous moment.

After we let the news settle in and then went to Mike’s mum’s to tell her partner who again was ecstatic and there were more tears and more hugs. We told him with the book like we’d told my Mum and he did not take 5 minutes to figure it out!

We were noticing a theme.

Sisterly love

Lastly we had my sisters.

We decided to present them with the book as well. My middle sister Sophie was up first. She got it straight away! There were lots of hugs and I was so happy to share my news with one of my two sisters.

Faye’s arrival wasn’t until later as she’d been away in Leeds reliving the student dream. She took an age to work it out and when she eventually got there…almost 10 minutes later…well it felt like it…there were a lot of tears and no words. It was so lovely to have everyone in the know. Faye did eventually speak and said something along the lines of “…and I tried to make you drink at Oktoberfest”.

Grandparent book post cards Bath

The family were in the bubble and that’s how it was going to stay.As for my friends, well, in the meantime I was still going to be on “antibiotics” for a little while.

What!? This is the first time we’ve done this! We want to make the most of every moment!


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  1. November 25, 2017 / 8:51 am

    Ahh amazing congratulations. God Oktoberfest must have been hard. We kept both ours a secret for a very long time. I think I was about 16 weeks before we told a lot of people (well for some it was even 20 weeks) the same with my second. It helped I didn’t show. I just liked it being our thing for a long time and I think with my first I was a bit worried what might go wrong so I held on to it for probably a bit too long lol. First time mum and all. Anyway huge congratulations again lovey and thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  2. November 20, 2017 / 4:10 pm

    After telling my ex-husband that I was pregnant I called my mom first thing. Then my sister. I was too excited to keep it a secret for very long, lol My second pregnancy was much the same way. He told his family and I told mine:) #anythinggoes

    • admin
      November 22, 2017 / 10:16 am

      We kept it quiet for the week, I enjoyed keeping a little, well I suppose big, secret! Mum’s are always the first to know! It’s such an exciting time isn’t it! x

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