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pregnant mountain loch lomond

December last year, the end of the first trimester and my goodness, I felt massive! Oh, how I’d grown, how I was feeling so “pregnant”, I even believed I was properly showing.

Oh how wrong I was.


I started taking “progress” pictures at 12 weeks. I felt awkward and huge and had yet to decide on my pregnancy photo “style”. I’d been following some other people on Instagram and had seen that most people opted for a sports bra/bra-let and shorts or gym trousers. My first few shots were like this.

I didn’t want to share them. Not with anyone really.

Normally, I am all about sharing. Sharing and caring is all that. So for me this wasn’t normal. Clearly I wasn’t feeling comfortable.

Although looking back my body had hardly changed, I was at that point, finding it difficult to accept my changing appearance – as I mentioned before I felt like a sack of potatoes! My trusty leggings weren’t sitting right and I certainly couldn’t get into my jeans!

Maternity shopping take 2!

I then decided it was time to make some maternity purchases! Well, I was entering the second lap of this long, slow race to motherhood. Though I am definitely happy with having 40 weeks to attempt to mentally prepare!

Fortunately, I’d managed to make it to sale time before needing to buy lots of new clothes. With Michael in tow, I headed down to the shops – I like to drag him round with me even though he hates shopping with me as I go into every shop, try on a million items and more often than not, buy nothing!

pregnant nineteen weeks


However this time was different. This time I was a woman on a mission. I’d found my previous glittery dress and had remembered what it felt like to feel good in my own skin again! Skin that my unborn child was (and still is) trying hard to ruin*! I knew if I could just find the right fit I’d feel better.

This time round there were no meltdowns!

This time round there was only success!

Maternity leggings, what has now become my trusty maternity dress alongside a pair of above bump maternity jeans, all from the Mothercare sale.

I no longer had a cut across my stomach where my leggings were trying to split my single child into twins! The dress covered the parts of my arms where the wings had started to appear – I know pregnant women are supposed to blossom but I wasn’t ready to come out of my cocoon with newly found *butterfly* wings – we won’t say bingo just yet. Finally the jeans, bleached blue and just so unbelievably soft, stretchy and the perfect fit for my changing body They are also certainly more winter friendly. It was fabulous to feel comfy again and not  all wibbly and jibbly!

I now had my basic, maternity essentials!

I also had a dress that has become the staple for my progress shots and I feel so much happier with them!

A loss of balance

Just as I was finding the balance of accepting and liking my body, I was thrown another curve ball.

The literal loss of my balance.

That’s right, my adjusting centre of gravity started to make my entire body wobble not just certain parts wibble.

It started off with a few trips and slips. Nothing major, I just felt a little giddy. We all laughed at my increased clumsiness. It then escalated to falling into a few doors at school and home, bruises a plenty started to appear on my forearms and hips – I’m perfect door handle height.  Finally it graduated to full on, spread eagle tumbling on to the ground from the great height of 5 foot 4.

pregnant maternity fashion

The falls!

My first real fall was on the way to the shop. I went down on a slippery patch after some rain. I was alone. No one was with me. I didn’t even have anyone to laugh it off with. I called my mum.

Yep, I called my mum. She made me feel so much better.

I got back to work and took myself to the bathroom to check myself over. I had cut my knee which I haven’t done since I was a child myself. I’d fallen so hard that I had actually put a hole in my trousers – which I still wear now…with the hole…I did try to buy another pair and they didn’t have any more in my size!

Over my pregnancy it has become clear to me that as well as being pregnant with a child, my pregnancy is definitely making me regress and remember forgotten elements of my own childhood!

The second time I fell was walking round the school site. I just took a slide down a slope

and my legs simply couldn’t stay together and I couldn’t pull it back. Yep in the middle of the playground I was attempting the splits at 24 weeks pregnant!

The third time I fell was probably the worst. It was the same day as fall 2.

Oh the shame…

I made the gross error of deciding to re-enact my fall to my sister. That’s right, I chose to recreate a fall. Whilst pregnant.

pregnant five months scotland


Leaving the school gates I was telling Faye all about how I went down and started to show her, in the middle of the road, with a laptop bag in one hand and a bag for life full of books in the other. I really made a great decision.

The decision to slide into the previous, fallen position led, unsurprisingly, to the most tremendous fall of all.

I lay in the middle of the road on my back, with my legs in the air, my laptop bag to my right and a range of books spread down my left side.

There were students walking past. Not to mention the potential for cars to come round the corner at any moment! I couldn’t get up.

I was a turtle on its back.

Faye had to stand on my feet to pull me up. Thank goodness for sisters. However she did tell me off before laughing at me.

Fortunately, since that fateful day I’ve only had a few wobbles and one incident of launching my laptop bag up the stairs as I fell into the press up position (sorry IT guys, it’s okay though, I checked).

Finding my feet

I attribute my newly acquired balancing skills to the fact that my lower half has now also expanded to compensate for the new weight distribution at the front. Thank goodness for being pear-shaped – who thought I’d ever say that!

On a serious note, for those of you who care about the well-being of my child and I, after each of my tumbles I did contact the midwife and make sure everything was okay. I also now have some delightful looking, granny-esc shoes that have made sure I stay upright! Oh the glamour!

I’m now entering my third trimester and have definitely adapted to, and fully embraced, the changes of my body. Also feeling all the little movements that are growing in strength day-by-day have made the initial worries and insecurities that I may have had at the beginning of this journey, completely disappear.

Of course they’ve been replaced by a whole host of new ones but that’s a story for another day!

pregnant maternity


*they say stealing your mother’s beauty is a female trait – could this be a clue!?


For more information about how your balance can be affected in pregnancy, click here!


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  1. November 26, 2017 / 12:55 pm

    Oh mama! I think somehow it’s harder for us shorter people to balance during pregnancy! I had more trouble with pulling muscles doing very simple things like getting out of the bath. I’m glad you’ve found a bit more balance! And you look beautiful! #TriumphantTales

  2. November 21, 2017 / 10:08 am

    I wish that blogging had been around when I was pregnant and when my children were growing up as what an amazing keepsake #triamphanttales@_karendennis

    • admin
      November 22, 2017 / 10:19 am

      That’s what I’m hoping! I need to up my output but I am hopefully that it will be a lovely diary to look back on for us and them x

  3. November 21, 2017 / 9:24 am

    I like you fell a few times in pregnancy, I honestly can’t remember how I did it but I did! I hope you are well? You look blooming at the moment 🙂


    • admin
      November 22, 2017 / 10:18 am

      Hi Ellen,

      Falling was an absolute pain! Normally if I trip I can recover but when I was pregnant I had no chance! x

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